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The medical staff at BSW ​HouseCalls specialize in geriatric and adult medicine. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment that may include physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers, and chaplains. 

Our goal is to show compassion for our patients and do our best to serve the medical needs of our patients with comprehensive, quality care. We offer same day visits for acute medical issues, and 24-hour access to care via telephone. 


Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

The geriatric assessment is a consultation with our patients that enables us to gather important information on the medical, psychosocial, and functional capabilities and limitations of our elderly patients. We use this information to develop treatment and long-term follow-up plans, arrange for your primary care and rehabilitative services, organize and determine possible long-term care requirements and optimal placement, and make the best use of healthcare resources.

The geriatric assessment differs from a standard medical evaluation in three general ways:

  • It focuses on elderly individuals with complex problems
  • It emphasizes functional status and quality of life
  • It frequently takes advantage of an interdisciplinary team of providers


Management of Common Chronic Conditions of the Elderly

All too often, because there are so many chronic conditions that seem to afflict older persons, there is the mistaken perception that diabetes, arthritis and the like are just “part of growing old” – and nothing can be done about them. The truth is most of these diseases and conditions are treatable and should be addressed by a physician. We help manage most common chronic diseases afflicting the elderly which include:

Adult Onset Diabetes
Urinary Incontinence
Parkinson Disease
Occupational Lung Disease
Enlarged Prostate
Alzheimer Disease
Macular Degeneration


Home Care Coordination

Our nurse practitioners and physicians take a multidisciplinary approach to the care of patients. An important part of our service is to manage our patient's medical and psychosocial needs. We proactively manage the health care of our patients in all settings and severity of illness and make every effort to match appropriate resources to a patient’s condition.​​